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Wet Droppings in Pigeons

The contents of the gut normally thicken to such an extent during their passage that they leave the intestinal tract in a pasty form. When their passage through the gut is accelerated, faeces do not always thicken normally due to reduced resorption time.

Similarly, it is not possible for the increased volume of urine that collects in the cloaca following excessive water intake to be adequately thickened. The faeces in the cloaca are so diluted due to the surplus urine that defecation produces a condition known as "wet" droppings or diarrhoea. This symptom can manifest suddenly and often only affects individual birds.

Similar conditions:

Salmonellosis, Paramyxovirus infectio, Coli infection, Coccidiosis.


- Eliminate the possible cause of the change in the droppings.

- Replace lost water, minerals and trace elements by administering chevi-fit andĀ livifermĀ over several days to stabilise the gut flora.

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